5 Most  Haunted Hotels in Las Vegas

You Won't Believe What Lurks Ghost Stories in These Haunted Hotels!

Planet Hollywood

Guests and staff have told of chilling experiences, such as unexplained footsteps, apparitions, and strange noises.

Oasis Motel

Guests have reported strange noises, shadowy figures 

Some investigators captured a ghostly presence through EVP recordings and thermal imaging.

Horseshoe Las Vegas

Some have reported hearing phantom footsteps in the hallways or seeing shadowy figures out of the corner of their eyes.

Westgate Hotel

Westgate Hotel

Guests have spotted shadowy figures in the hallways, and unexplained footsteps echo through empty corridors.

Luxor Hotel

Guests and employees have shared chilling experiences, such as unexplained voices, shadowy figures, and eerie sensations.

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